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How to Find Your Ideal Size

The size is very important when selecting Safety Gears. We have tried to explain the way you may find the suitable product for you. All our sizes are Standard Sizes according to UK. Yet, because of some heavy fabrics and other material your size may change from the one you normally use. Bee suits are therefore designed this way, to be fitted enough, not to be bulky, awkward, and roomy enough to move, even with a honey belly.

Unlike regular everyday clothing, the fit of a beekeeping apparels needs to be loose to give you ample room for your body to move around during beekeeping.

A loose fit will also have the added bonuses of creating gaps between you and the fabric of the suit; that will make it hard for bees to make contact with your skin, thus sting you, and to allow air to flow through the suit and helping to keep cool.

Before purchasing an item from the website, it is always a good idea to properly measure yourself. The most important aspects of beekeeping to measure are

  1. Take measurement of your chest
  2. Take measurement of your back
  3. Take measurement of your arms
  4. Take measurement of your waist
  5. Take measurement of your height

After measuring yourself, go to our Standard Size Chart and see which size would be fit for you.

Still, if you have any questions or need more information about choosing the correct size for you, please contact our Customer Care Service at

We will do our best to assist you in selecting the best item for you.
“As a general rule, because clothing measurements are taken from a flat outfit, it is recommended that you add 2 inches to your measurements to account for shape and form.”

SAFTA Beekeeping Suit Size Guide

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